What is Pure Power Paste?

Pure Power Paste all purpose cleaner is the safe way to clean! Our super concentrated paste has 100's of uses for complete household, kitchen, bath, and laundry aid care. Pure Power Paste is completely natural non-toxic and odor free. It contains no phosphates, perfumes, dyes or chlorine bleach. It is non-fuming, non-staining, non-abrasive and deodorizes as it cleans! Enjoy the creamy rich cleansing lather of plant derived oils and a perfect pH balance that is wonderful for your skin.

American made in small batches for premium quality. We pay more for top quality pure domestic ingredients to ensure our customers are not only satisfied, but that Pure Power PastePure Power Paste exceeds their expectations. Pureness Of Living Products were developed in response to the over whelming need for truly authentic non- toxic effective cleaning solutions. We believe we have developed the most effective non-toxic, natural, odor free cleaning product on the market. There is simply nothing that compares to the quality, effectiveness, and versatility of Pure Power Paste.

General Purpose: Wet the non-abrasive sponge pad provided. Scoop a little paste directly onto pad, scrub area, and wipe with clean rinse rag. For sinks, tubs, and toilets just scrub and rinse with water.

Guaranteed Not To Scratch Any Surface Because Of Our Unique Crystal Micro-Structure. Under a microscope, Pure Power Paste looks like tiny snow flakes. These crystal structures go deep into the surface and remove embedded dirt, grease, and soap scum without scratching because they dissolve while they clean!

Fantastic degreaser on tough areas like stoves, cooktops, pots, pans, and grills. For light cleaning on counters, granite, refrigerators, ceramic, fiberglass: place a small amount in a half bucket of warm water and wipe with cloth or paper towel. "Not recommended for glass as it leaves a slight film, unless rinsed".

Bring porcelain back to life! Make your Sinks, Tubs, and Toilets shine. The minerals in Pure Power Paste remove brown hard water stains naturally with repeated use. Place a small amount (teaspoon) in toilet, scrub and flush. Repeat process but do not flush and let stand overnight. For tub and sink stains scrub, rinse, apply product again and let stand over night.

Replace toxic scented dishwasher products with Pure Power Paste! Just place a tablespoon in your dishwasher dispenser and see the results. No spots, film, or harmful chemical residue! It even deodorizes your dishwasher with every use! Pre-treat laundry stains! Just dissolve a tablespoon of Pure Power Paste in a half cup of water. Pour directly on stains and let stand before washing.

We all know our planet is in trouble. Here's your chance to help heal Mother Earth and preserve your own health by reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals. It's a simple but powerful solution to a global problem. All you have to do is replace your toxic and harmful cleaning products with "authentic" non-toxic, natural cleaning products from Pureness Of Living.

Pureness Of Living Products go beyond green because we use the earths plants, minerals, and enzymes to not only clean, but preserve your health and the environment. This concept is referred to as Cradle to Cradle living as opposed to Cradle to Grave. Waste then, becomes a reusable, renewable source of energy instead of a synthetic toxic product that the earth cannot process or degrade with out long term negative consequences. That's why we refer to our products as "readily bio-degradable", because they remain in their natural form as they return to the earth for re-use.

The effects of toxic cleaning products on human health, wildlife, and drinking water are well documented. There are massive "dead zones" in our oceans, lakes, and rivers with phosphates being a big contributor. A phosphate is essentially a fertilizer made partly from petroleum that causes algae growth. Algae consumes large amounts of oxygen in the water killing fish, coral reefs, and marine life. Phosphates are common in most cleaning, laundry, and dish washing products because they are so cheap. To put it simply, phosphates help the soap to penetrate certain materials (like clothing) by reducing the surface tension of the water, which allows the soap to work more effectively. Although this can be done with natural elements, large profit driven corporations use the cheapest methods with not regard to your health or the environment.

So just by preventing these products from going down your drain at home, has an enormous positive impact. Now you and your family can feel good about doing your part to stay healthy and help heal Mother Earth.